Automatic machine for dry-offset printing in up to 8 colours on rigid and soft cylindrical tubes. This new version offers highly modern technical solutions allowing the system to be configured in different ways, depending on the user’s needs and demands. Particular attention has been paid to shortening the changeover times and the machine “down times” required for cleaning and servicing purposes.
There are two main versions: SEN.BAR/8 COM and SEN.BAR/8 UV – 16 M. The principal difference between these two versions lies in the method of lacquer curing. In the first by UV lamps on the mandrels, while in the second through a special UV oven connected to the machine by a chain.
Main Technical Features 
Vacuum starwheel to load the tubes
Separate but synchronized drive unit for the “revolver unit” and “printing unit”
Adjustments between the central drum and printing plate roller can be made whilst the machine operates without impairing the adjustments between the printing plate roller and the inking roller
Monitoring of ink quantity and temperature
Rollers self-clean if the colour is changed
Infinite regulation of the mandrel rotation speed during the pre-treatment phase (by flame or “Corona” system)
Curing by a source of ultraviolet radiations
Double discharge station for “good” and “defective” tubes
Safety devices to monitor the tubes as they are loaded and unloaded, plus the number of mandrel revolutions during the treatment, printing, lacquering and curing phases; no tube - no print - no ink
Electric control panel with latest generation PLC with graphic interface with “touch screen”
Optional Parts 
Newly designed lacquering unit
Presetting for the connection to auxiliary units, such as:
- Automatic feeders (AUTOLOAD)
- Accumulators (upstream and downstream)
- Capping units for caps application by screwing down or by pressure, complete with safety seal application through heat seal
Technical Specifications 
Max. production speed: 230 Pcs/min. (depending on the dimensions
and the material)
Min. and max. diameter of the tube: 16 mm. - 60 mm
Min. and max. height of the tube: 50 mm. - 230 mm
Max. printing height: 220 mm
Max. printing length: 228 mm
Number of mandrels: 16
Number of sectors: 3
Operating pressure of pneumatic system: 6/8 bar
Electric power installed, Air consumption and Weight: Vary depending on machine configuration

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