Automatic machine, with a high production capacity, for dry offset printing in up to 9 colours on tapered plastic cups.
General Features: 
- Automatic cup feeding system ensuring a sufficient buffer
- Separate motorization, but synchronized, for ‘revolving plate group’ and print group’
- All adjustments are external, on the operator’s side, and can be made while the machine is running
- Quantity and temperature control of the ink
- Variable speed mandrel drive
- Separate rotation of the mandrel in the printing station, synchronized with machine speed
- ‘Corona’ pre-treatment with electronic generator provided with ‘hole detector device’
- Safety devices to check feeding and discharge of the containers and of the number of revolutions of the mandrel under treatment and curing; ‘no-cup-no-print’
- Curing through UV radiation source (single lamp cooled by air with adjustable power)
- Double discharge station for ‘good’ and ‘defective’ containers
- Final restacker with exact counting device
- Electric control panel with latest generation monitor and PLC
- Self-cleaning device for rollers when colour has to be changed
- Numerical indicators on all change parts, to accelerate the changeover and adjustment time
- Preparation of printing plates through drilling system with cameras and monitors
- Presetting for connection to packing machine, to put the stacks into cartons .The Bipack system can be used in conjunction with Offset printing
machines for conical plastic cups
Technical data :
Maximum production speed up to 600 pcs/min.
(according to size and quality of the container)
Minimum and maximum diameter of the container on the edge 50 mm – 140 mm
Minimum and maximum height of the container 40 mm – 170 mm
Maximum printing width 150 mm
Maximum printing length 400 mm
Taper 2° - 13°
Number of mandrels 8
Rubber blankets on central drum 6 (3)
Electrical installed power 45 KW (UV lamps included)
UV curing power 8 KW
Air consumption and pressure 900 l/min. at 6 bar
Weight 7000 kg approx.

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