DM144 Lids

Model DM 144 Lids, for offset printing in up to 6 colours on flat lids of various sizes and dimensions.
General Specifications: 
This machine features important functional improvements that have made the system even more flexible.
In particular, adaptation of the various devices to the shape of the lids has been made easier, reducing change-over times and simplifying the relevant operations.
The machine, which is very compact, is obviously complete with all equipment required by the printing process:
from the feeding system composed by two vertical magazines to the pre-treatment (flame or “Corona”) system, UV curing, through to the final re-stacker.
The print group, consisting of 6 colour heads, features the most interesting innovations, that enable to achieve a printing quality of the highest definition.
The machine consists of:
- “No lid, no ink” and “No lid, no print” control system;
- drive units provided with speed control for the ink fountain roller;
- ink mixing devices inside the ink fountains;
- temperature control system on the print groups;
- device for roller self-cleaning;
- printing plate optical centering unit using telecamera and monitor.
The electric control system has been designed following the most updated technologies and thus ensures complete diagnostic and analysis to the operator.
The machine is pre-set for the application of the UV lamp on the counterprinting pad (optional). 

 Technical Specifications:
Max. production speed : 30.000 pieces/hour
(it can vary depending on the shape,
dimension and quality of the lid)
Max. lid diameter : 200 mm
Min. lid diameter : 50 mm
Max. lid height (on the rim) : 25 mm
Max. dimensions of rectangular lid : 200 x 200 mm
Min. dimensions of rectangular lid : 50 x 50 mm
Max. print dimensions : 180 x 180 mm
nr. of printing pads : 4
nr. of counterprinting pads : 1
Installed electric power : 20 KW
UV curing power : 8 KW
Air pressure and consumption : 700 nl/min.
Total weight : kg 3800